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Types of Chain Link

Types of Chain Link

Galvanized Zinc Coated

Galvanized Zinc CoatedChain link fences created from galvanized zinc coated materials are known for their toughness. They can come in two distinct variations, i.e. electro galvanized and hot dipped galvanized coated chain link fencing. The GSM range for these fences ranges between 20 and 160 per square meter. Mostly hot dipped galvanized wires are used for creating chain link fencing as they are highly rust resistant and do not undergo corrosion for a long time.

PVC Coated Wire fence

PVC Coated Wire FenceThe PVC coated wire fence offers enhanced protection against rust related problems. Compared to the galvanized zinc coated wire fences, the PVC coated wire fences come with a greater price tag. However, these wire fences are also likely to last for a longer time than usual. These wire fences serve as the perfect fencing solutions for residential settings. The three things that determine the quality of PVC Coated Wire fences is the strength and thickness of the wires, the protective coating type used and the size of mesh.

Stainless Steel Chain Link

Stainless Steel Chain LinkThe Stainless Steel Chain Link fences are the most durable variants of chain link fences that are available in the market. These chain link fences are usually available in plastic coated and galvanized versions. They are often used for fencing gardens, high grade playgrounds, railway areas, super highways, ports, airports and residential areas.

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