Sack Gabion

Sack Gabion in Gujarat

Use of Double Twisted Gabion Sacks

Being the Sack Gabion Manufacturer in Gujarat we know the exact use of these gabion sacks and can explain it way better. 

These sacks are cylindrical baskets made of mesh wires with hexagonal openings. stone-filled and used in river control and other emergency works. They are supplied in sheets to be convenient while closing them at the time of fillings and installation.

Features of Sack Gabions

  • Easy to installation: These sacks are semi-manufactured structures and hence very easy to install.
  • Economic: These sacks are cheaper than concrete and cement masonry prices. Gabion Sacks can be cost-efficient while giving a base to loose soil or repairing projects at a very low price.
  • Long life: These sacks are made of 10% aluminum-zinc alloys which prevent corrosion. Their life expectancy is more than 100 years.

Why Choose us?

There are so many Tailed Gabion Suppliers in Gujarat. But we can make sure that our products are the best in the Industry. Competing for all other brands in trust, reliability and premium products, we Gurukrupa Wires are setting an example with our services and prompt deliveries. We have an in-depth knowledge of fences and fencing accessories and try to update our products according to the market’s requirements.

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Sourav Singh
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