Protect Your Land Using Wire Mesh Fencing

Protect Your Land Using Wire Mesh Fencing

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Protect Your Land Using Wire Mesh Fencing

Wire Mesh is a mesh in the rectangular or square form. It is widely used in various industrial applications. It is also termed as welded wire mesh in which the electric fusion is applied to fix the wires at appropriate places.

Wire Mesh is used in various industrial applications. It’s most prominent use is fencing of farm land or animal fencing. In farm land, it is applied across the borders in order to prevent any intrusion & to safe the field from unauthorized access of humans or animals. The agriculture lands are protected by using wire mesh fencing. The wire mesh is placed with the help of pillars or timber so as to avoid the intrusion of animals.

It is also widely used in animal fencing. In this, the place where animals are housed is surrounded by the wire meshing so that they should not move out. It is available in various configurations to cater various industrial needs. Some of the common configurations are hexagonal, woven, spring steel & welded mesh. The most notable uses are reinforcement of floor & roof, as covering in glass wool & rock wool in pipelining, & in fencing of garden, playground, field, poultry and much more. 

Different Type of Wire Mesh Offered by Manufacturers:

  • Galvanized Wire Mesh: This type is generally developed using hot galvanized steel. Due to their high tensile strength & resistance to corrosion, these are widely used in infrastructural & structural building industries.
  • PVC Coated Wired Mesh: these types of wire are coated with PVC. Poly Vinyl Chloride is a anti rust compound, which makes these wires highly resistant to corrosion. The coating helps in improving the life of wires. These are widely used in fencing park, gardens, buildings etc.
  • Hot Dipped galvanized Wire Mesh: It is manufactured from hot dipped stainless steel. These are ideal for animal caging, fencing and many other purposes. The main feature of these are rust resistant, durable & efficient fencing tool.  

Manufacturers are offering these with specifications like:

  • Galvanized configuration
  • Standard specifications
  • Customized specifications
  • Rust resistance coating
  • PVC

They are useful for various purposes like fencing, securing & protecting specific areas.


  • Fencing a particular area
  • Partitioning of area
  • Floor grating
  • Building construction
  • Safeguards for machines, equipments, gardens & trees.

Buyers should also keep certain things in mind before they order their wire mesh. The most important thing is that they should check whether these are satisfying the industry standards. They have to check the diameter & other industry specification in order to get the best product. They should also keep check that it is fulfilling their requirement or not. Some application needs heavy wires. So it is better to get as per requirement. They can also order these wires in customized specifications. If buyers choose wire mesh that contain pvc or anti rust coating than it is the best deal for them. PVC or plastic or rust resistant coating helps in improving the life of the mesh. It protects wire mesh from adverse weather condition and from corrosion also. 


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Sourav Singh
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