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Gabion Manufacturers Gujarat, India
Gabions produced at our manufacturing facility are Mechanically Woven Double Twisted in Hexagonal Mesh with both sides auto-selvedged that provides additional strength after installation. We have in-house manufacturing facility for Gabion box, Gabion Mattress & Sack Gabions in all three mesh sizes i.e. 60 x 80 mm; 80 x 100 mm & 100 x 120 mm along with PVC Coating facility for core wire. The finished product complies to IS 16014:2012; ASTM A975-97 & EN 10223-3.

Rockfall Netting

Rockfall Netting Manufacturers Gujarat, India
Rockfall Netting is being manufactured at our in-house facility in Rhomboidal, Square & Rectangle Mesh in steel rope dia 8 mm, 9 mm, 10 mm and mesh size 600 x 600 mm; 450 x 600 mm; 300 x 300 mm can be customised as per customer's requirement & specification. We also manufacture Rockfall Netting / DT Mesh as per IS 16014:2012 - Heavy Galvanised or PVC Coated.


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