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Uses of chain link and concertina wire fences

Uses of Chain Link and Concertina Wire Fences

Use of wire link fences and wire mesh applications is improving the workability in many sectors. These are lightweight material, easy to move around and install, and do not cost the earth. The application ranges from security applications to securing property and livestock. Here we see how they have changed the daily lives with their incredible versatility.

High security application
The concertina wire fence is used in military establishments and prisons. They form an impregnable barrier that keeps everyone out. It has a simple construction. The wire is made of galvanized stainless steel with barbs at periodic intervals. Then, the wire is rolled into loops that are spaced at about 2-3 feet apart from each other. These loops are attached to steel fasteners and fixed atop the wall or fence to give extra protection. You can consult the Concertina Wire Manufacturers to discuss making these wires for your property.

The chain link fence does not have any barbs. They are wires linked to each other in a linear way so that there is uniform space between the wires. The thickness of these wires will vary depending upon the application and place where it is used. For instance, they find use as a protection against flying objects. In this case, we must use thick wires that are strong enough to resist the impact of the flying objects.

Safety around the machines
We also use the chain link fence around the periphery of machines. This helps the workers to keep away from the moving parts of the machine. You can order your own chain link from the Chain Link Fence Manufacturers website. In long wall mining, you find it in use as a roof support.

Other than the savings in cost, the chain link mesh wire is easy to use. You do not need any heavy machines or high skill for installing these fences.

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