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Electric fence: improved and effective

Electric Fence: Improved And Effective

Fencing is widely employed to restrict the free movement of animals & human beings. Traditionally, wires were used to solve this purpose. But, with the advancements in the field of technology, now electric fencing solutions are in high demand for more safety & security.

An electric fence comprises of conducting wires, batteries or supply & posts. In this, the electric pulses are provided on the wires. When an animal or human being comes in it contact then it will get a shock. The intensity of the shock depends upon the amount of power supplied to it.

It is widely employed at places that need to be more secure & need no trespassing. Some of the important places where these are employed are airports, military facilities, power houses, factories, prisons, animal netting & many more.

In the working of the electric fence, electric current plays an important role. It intensity differs for different applications. In case of animals, it depends upon the size of the animal that needs to be prevented.

Listed below is the voltage level for different animals.

  • Bull 4000 volts
  • Horse 3000 volts
  • Cattles 3000 volts
  • Pigs 3000 volts
  • Small animals <2000 volts

Electric fence manufacturers are offering these products in varied specifications to meet the requirements of the clients. They are also offering customized solutions depending upon the applications.

Area of application:

Agriculture: Farm lands & gardens are secured by these in order to avoid any trespassing of animals & human beings. It is impractical to secure the land with manual efforts so it is widely used for that purpose. It is the most efficient method to prevent the trespassing of animals & humans. 

Security: It is employed to secure important buildings like airports, railways or other government buildings. These are the places that need to be secure & for that purpose electric fencing is widely employed.

Military area: Various military facilities, border areas & other important places are secured with the help of these fencing solutions. 

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