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Applications of Chain Link

Applications of Chain Link

Chain link fencing is extremely useful and has numerous applications in the different commercial markets. The various applications of the chain link are observed mostly in places where an opaque wall will seems to be a rather wrong choice both in terms of decision as well as purpose. In the different western nations such as United States of America, countries in Europe and similarly developed parts of the world, the advantages of the chain link are appreciated highly. It is for this reason that they are extensively used instead of large constructed walls.

Borders and boundaries like those described below can be enclosed by using a chain link:


ParksChain links are most extensively used for fencing parks and similar areas. Compared to a typical wall partition, a chain link is known to offer various practical advantages. The overall scenic beauty of a park, its greenery as well as the actions performed by people inside a park can be easily observed from its outside. On the other hand, a wall is not preferable here as it can block of the vision of the passersby which might also create a notion of a non-public property that does not welcome inconvenient trespassers.

Schools and Campus

Schools and CampusThese days, the schools and educational campuses are being fortified by using a chain link instead of a wall.
The owner and in-charge always wants their school and its buildings to be easily visible to outside viewers who can appreciate its architectural beauty.
A chain link can serve as the best choice for such usage.


PlaygroundA chain link is defined as a Backstop in the playgrounds as well as various other arenas of softball sports like basketball, tennis and cricket. An opaque shield or a wall is not going to provide the users with the advantages that a chain link obviously can within a playground. All schools today come with a playground and each of these playgrounds must come with a design that can easily accommodate a fence, like a nice chain link fence. One more important reason why a chain link seems to be the right choice in a playground is the height of the fence. If the management team of the school, a court or a playground tries to come up with a concrete wall of such astounding heights, it can ultimately become a very difficult and expensive proposition. A chain link in such a case can serve as a great option for creating fencing for heights up to 10 feet or above and yet make the whole thing truly pocket friendly.

Stables and Kennels

Stables and KennelsA stable for horses or a kennel with dogs within it is usually fenced by using a chain link. This helps to keep dogs or horses away from the people observing them. Numerous kennels have literally hundreds of dogs. They cannot be simply fenced by using a wall since this will naturally overrun the total costs involved. Kennels like these and even the small home kennels nowadays make use of chain link for fencing. Of course, the dog should have a shelter that should come with a canopy made out of fiberglass.

Generally, a stable is constructed with a wall. The grazing fields for cattle and horses are frequently fenced around by using a chain link. It saves the users all worries regarding cattle being stolen or lost or the animal count being missing within the chain link boundary. It is very important to provide adequate ventilation for the cattle and horses and this is often ignored or neglected by keeping them within closed walls. A chain link can make it easier for the animals to breathe in the open air and ensure that the general air flow of the area is not restricted. A canopy needs to be placed above that will provide proper shelter for the animals from sun and rain.


FarmsJust like nurturing a crop from the grain is considered important, it is also necessary to protect a cultivated crop from the wild animals. Generally a farm within the rural areas of a country consists of numerous hillocks or plain lands. Places such as these are frequently populated with different types of wild animals like bears and bores.

Apart from these wild animals, there are also many tamed animals such as oxen and buffalos that can cause damage to the crops by running over them. To avoid such destructions, one needs to fence the whole farming area with a barbed wire and chain link. Although a well made barbed wire can easily restrict the animals, they cannot stay intact and undamaged over a longer period of time. On the other hand, a chain link stays fixed to galvanized iron posts or concrete pillars which that can limit the wild animals from having access to the field. In this way a chain link can add great value to the farming assets of the land owner.

Open Plots and Lands

Open Plots and LandsPurchasing a plot of land is the dream of everyone today. The land or plot that you purchase should have a well defined boundary so that your neighbors might not occupy or engage it. A boundary created by a chain link fence can serve as the best way to surround your property thereby announcing your limits. While a wall can also be constructed in this place, it can hardly be as constructive a solution as that of a chain link fence. Moreover, the wall does not guarantee complete protection from encroachment and is also not known to be cost effective.

Even for instances when the wall needs to be removed, it is not really possible. The wall needs to be completely destroyed and then made again for setting up the new limits. According to this concept, a chain link can be moved easily and used again for setting up the new limits. It is due to this reason that many users prefer to have a chain link fence instead of a large concrete wall. It not only allows you the opportunity to save on the reconstruction costs but also keep the trespassers away from the area. You can also have a watchman guard your property from inside the edge of the area.

Water Bodies

Water BodiesPonds, canals, lakes and rivers are secured habitually by using a chain link. All the requisite height posts are first selected and a chain link is then used for keeping away the evaders by fixing it to fencing posts.

This kind of fencing has been used by many organizations and governments. It is also one of the main reasons why government tenders prefer to opt for chain link fences.

Motorways and highways

Motorways and highwaysAnimals have often caused different types of dangers on unguarded highways. In order to steer clear of such dangers, motorways and highways are nowadays being reinforced with chain link fences all along the way.

It is meant to keep animal and human interference to a minimum in highways where the vehicular speed can often lead to unconscious obstructions.

Factories and Poultry Houses

Factories and Poultry HousesThe main purpose of a factory or a poultry house is to earn money in profits. Generally, a very large area is needed to create and maintain a factory or a poultry house. The whole boundary of the area needs to be defined properly and constructing a wall can prove to be very expensive for the purpose. On the other hand, a chain link can be accommodated very easily within your budget. For a poultry house, effective ventilation is necessary which in turn can make it easier for the air to flow freely. It is for this reason that poultry houses are expected to have open air areas. This need can only be fulfilled by a chain link fence that offers free ventilation and free airflow due to the open metal curtain that comes with it. The link mesh that is used in poultry houses can also be referred to as a poultry chain link or a poultry link mesh. In folk India, it is also called a link jally in majority of Indian languages.

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