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Vibrating Screen in India,Kuwait,Qatar,Bahrain,Cyprus,Saudi Arabia,Yemen,Syria,United Arab Emirates,Jordan,Egypt,Oman 1-text.png

Vibrating Screen is in huge demand in various industrial sectors for its excellent results. Raw materials like Spring Steel, Stainless Steel, Mild Steel, Copper and Brass ensure the features like high durability, tensile strength and resistivity.

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Fence System and Accessories in India,Kuwait,Qatar,Bahrain,Cyprus,Saudi Arabia,Yemen,Syria,United Arab Emirates,Jordan,Egypt,Oman 2-text.png

Gurukrupa Wirenetting Industries is well-reputed in the market for the delivering quality Fence System and Accessories equipped with notable features like high durability, tensile strength and resistivity .

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Welded Wire Mesh in India,Kuwait,Qatar,Bahrain,Cyprus,Saudi Arabia,Yemen,Syria,United Arab Emirates,Jordan,Egypt,Oman 3-text.png

Welded Wire Mesh has a smoother surface and the open area and wire diameter is large. At each intersection, every intersecting wire is welded. Thus, excellent strength and rigidity is assured in respective applications areas.

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Gurukrupa Wirenetting Industries

Gurukrupa Wirenetting Industries, an ISO 9001:2000 Certified company, is primarily involved in the business of manufacturing, supplying and exporting of Wire Mesh. Catering to the exact needs of various industrial sectors, the company has become the sought-after choice of various leading market players. The company is popular for the dealing of products like Barbed Wire, Weld Mesh, Chain Link Fence, Razor Wire, Gabions, Concertina Coils, Crusher Screen etc. The Fence System and Accessories including Chain Link Fence, Electric Fence, and Razor Fence are also provided by the company to meet the requirements of various industrial sectors. The ISO certification also reflects the genuineness of the company and compliance of the quality of the products to the international standards.

Catering quality products and prompt services, the company has carved a niche as one of the trustworthy Barbed Wire Manufacturers, Suppliers and Exporters from India. With huge acceptance of the products in the Indian market, the company is also looking forward to entertain orders from Middle East Countries like Egypt, Iran, Turkey, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Syria, United Arab Emirates, Israel, Jordan, Lebanon, Oman, Kuwait, Qatar, Bahrain, Cyprus etc. Last but not the least, the company is making efforts to attain a competitive edge and enjoy the healthy market competition.


Galvanized Barbed Wire

Looking for Galvanized Barbed Wire Manufacturer in India? Gurukrupa Wirenetting Industries deals in manufacturing and supplying premium grade of Barbed Wires, available in varied specification for security barriers and high security fencing. These are extensively used for protecting various outdoor areas like lawn, playgrounds, and other commercial areas. Owing to its anti-corrosive nature and excellent durability, these are widely acclaimed by customers from all across the world. It helps to construct fences and installed at the top of the boundaries for high security fencing. We are acknowledged as one of the leading Galvanized Barbed Wire Manufacturers, Exporters and Suppliers from Gujarat, India.

Features of Galvanized Barbed Wire

    Study design Anti-corrosive Intricately designed Minimum maintenance Low price

Application Areas of Galvanized Barbed Wire

    Agriculture House Plantation
  • Other commercial and domestic areas

Fence System & Accessories

Fencing system is basically a boundary constructed with the help of barbed wires or razor wires. It is useful in protecting the premises like airport, military cantonment, schools, colleges, power plants, nuclear plants, agricultural land, industrial premises, fields, parks, gardens etc.

The installation & development of fencing solution is done after considering the area to be fenced. The solutions are available in different types and shapes. As per the requirement these fencing solutions are tailored. For highly secure area concertina or razor type fencing can be utilized.

To secure low protection area like agriculture land or field barbed wire fencing can be used. The wires used in providing fencing solutions are developed using high quality stainless steel. Installation can be done using timber or angles or concrete pillars. There are various types of fencing system available. Some of the popular fencing systems are listed below.

Barbed Wire Fencing:

It is a conventional fencing system constructed with the help of barbed wire to secure low security area like agriculture fields, gardens, school premises etc. The installation of this is quite easy. It can be installed using angles or timber with no special equipments or labor.

Concertina Coils Fencing:

In this barbed wire or razor wire is used in the form of coils. This is quite useful in protecting high security areas like borders, airports, military facilities, nuclear plants, power stations, government buildings etc.

Chain link fencing

In this type of fencing wire netting is used as boundary to secure premises from trespassing and intrusion.


Border & military area

Razor wire fencing is highly effective in protecting high security area likes borders & military facilities. This helps in restricting human and vehicular movement.


These are also helpful in securing airports.

Industrial Premises

This type of fencing helps in protecting industrial facilities from theft & encroachment.

Government buildings

Fencing solutions help in securing buildings like Electricity Department, Railway Department, Power Plants, Special zones, Development Authorities etc.

Barbed Wire

Barbed wire is a steel wire primarily used for fencing purposes. It consists of sharp points or edges in order to prevent any trespassing. It is quite useful in constructing inexpensive fencing so as to secure the premises. It can be fixed with the help angles or wooden pieces without any special help.

It is an effective method to prevent an animal or human from trespassing. If an animal or human tries to trespass the area then he will sustain injuries due to sharp edges of the barbed wire. However, if human remain cautious than they can secure themselves from injuries. The barbed wire basically comprised of high quality stainless steel. It is very effective method to protect the agriculture fields from intrusion of animals.

This is a cost effective method of fencing as no special equipments are needed in provide fencing. Even a unskilled laborer can construct this type of fencing.


Agricultural Land

Barbed Wire fencing is one of the oldest & cheapest methods of fencing. It helps in securing the agricultural land & gardens from the intrusion of animals. If an animal tries to trespass then due to sharp points or edges of wire, he will suffer injuries.

Industrial land

This type of fencing not only helps in preventing trespassing but also provides protection from encroachment. It helps in securing Industrial land or premises from unauthorized access.

Military Areas

Barbed wire fencing is effectively used in securing military areas and cantonments. It provides restriction to movements of vehicles & humans. Due to this fencing vehicles cannot intrude into the restricted area.


Being a low cost fencing solution, it is used to protect various low security premises like railway stations, government buildings, school campuses, godowns etc.

Weld mesh

Welded Wire Mesh is constructed by interlacing different wires and joined them using electric fusion. The wires are placed in horizontal & vertical manner with proper spacing having welding at their joints. The mesh can be of square or rectangular shape.

These meshes find tremendous applications in various agricultural, industrial as well as in fencing purposes. The wires are composed of stainless steel with welding at joints. Use of coating of galvanized metals is also provided in order to make them rust free. These meshes found tremendous usage in fencing agriculture land, school premises, secure areas etc. Welded wire meshes are categorically divided into following types.

PVC Coated Welded Mesh

These meshes are formed by using galvanized steel. PVC coating is provided so as to provide resistant to corrosion. Plastic coating along with strong adhesive is also provided to make them durable.

Hot dipped Galvanized welded Mesh

It is developed using plane steel. Zinc coating is used to make it rust free. It is quite usefull in making animal cages, machine protection fencing, portioning, etc.

Welding wire fencing panels

These wired meshes are available in the forms of panels. It is generally used for fencing purposes.

Electro galvanized Welded Mesh

This finds tremendous usage in fencing applications. It helps in securing area from trespassing. It is coated with zinc coating to make it durable and rust free.


In fencing applications

These are widely used in fencing applications. These are used in protecting various areas like farm land, garden, parks, building premises, schools etc from intrusion & trespassing.

Animal cages

Wired meshes are quite useful in making animal cages. These are also utilized in providing animal fencing.

Chain Link Fence

Chain link fencing is basically a woven or netting type of fencing. It is constructed by using galvanized steel. It is also known by various names like wire netting, chain wire, cyclone fence etc. The wires are woven in a zigzag pattern. It is installed with the help of posts or pillars.

The posts may be of steel or wood or sometimes concrete pillars can also be used. These posts are fixed to a ground and fence is attached to it. These are quite helpful in providing obstacles to intrusion or trespassing. The dimension & height can be tailored as per the requirement.


It is very useful in securing and protecting the premises of the following:
  • Electricity Department
  • Railway Department
  • Power Plants
  • Special zones
  • For Development Authorities

It also finds usage in:

  • Backstops used in football and cricket fields.
  • Zoo & animal habitats
  • Parks
  • Plant Nurseries

Razor Wire

Razor Wire is another name given to concertina wire as it contains sharp blades all around the coil. It finds tremendous applications in fencing solution. It is a used in fencing applications in securing the premises of the government buildings, army sites, airports and prisons.

Razor wire is constructed by using galvanized steel. It contains sharp blades and edges all round the coil. It is an efficient and cost effective fencing solution. Neither special labor nor additional equipments are required in fencing the premises. It is quite helpful in securing the premises from intrusion of humans and animals. Its sharp blades restricted the movement of animals who tries to trespass.


  • Border & military area
  • Razor wire fencing is highly effective in protecting high security area likes borders & military facilities. This helps in restricting human and vehicular movement.

  • Airports & Government Buildings
  • These are also helpful in securing airports & government buildings.

  • Industrial Premises
  • This type of fencing helps in protecting industrial facilities from theft & encroachment.


Gabions are the wired mesh baskets filled in rocks in a rectangular or square shape. They are used at project site in order to form flexible and monolithic structures like walls for road and industrial projects. These are filled with stones and rocks to make them large building blocks to form various structures. Gabions find tremendous applications in civil engineering. In dams or reservoirs they are used to protect the stream banks or slopes from erosion.

They are quite useful as retaining walls, temporary or permanent dams, or can be used to direct the flow of water. They also find usage in bridge and road building. The wire construction of Gabions can acquire different forms and shapes. They are permeable so as to withstand the pressure without any deformation and cracking. It is the ideal structure in stabilizing the slope. It’s one of the most important benefit is its flexibility. Gabions can be filled easily. They can be filled by using rocks.

No special labor is needed in doing that. Specific anti rust coating is also provided in order to make them durable. It is used by military to fortify its bases. It is used against mortar or rocket attack from enemies. It also provides protection from shelling.


  • Highly durable
  • Can be used for different settlements
  • Different level of coating for increasing life span
  • Structures are permeable in nature
  • Easy to install
  • Withstand high pressure without cracking


In dam construction. In making bridges and roads. In protecting stream banks from erosion. Military uses. To direct the flowing water.

Concertina Coils

Concertina coils are constructed using barbed or razor wire in the forms of coils to provide fencing solution. This type of fencing is used in securing borders, airports, government buildings, industrial premises etc. Because of their shape they are given this name. It is made up of stainless steel having blades or edges.

These are helpful in providing obstacles in the free movement. This type of fencing is an effective solution to intrusion.

Salient Features:

  • Hard & sturdy in construction.
  • Cost effective
  • Ease in installation
  • Highly secure to intrusion and trespassing.
  • Lighter in weight


Concertina coil fencing provides very effective solution to trespassing or intrusion. It helps in restricting the free movement of humans helping in securing the border area.

Airport & government buildings :
To secure government buildings & airports, concertina coil fencing is an efficient solution. Not only it restricts the movement of humans but is also quite effective in providing obstacles in the movement of vehicles.

Military facilities:

Military also uses this type of fencing in restricting the free movement of unauthorized persons.

Industrial premises:
To secure industrial premises from encroachment & theft, this is a very useful & effective fencing solution.

Crusher Screen

Crusher Screen comprises of metals like stainless steel, brass and copper. Because of these metals it possesses features like durability, high tensile strength & resistance to corrosion. Plastic or zinc coating is also provided to provide additional strength.
Crusher Screens are used for various screening applications in industries. It is used in screening lime stone powder, agricultural products like grains, cement, salt and coal mining.

These are available in varied sizes fulfilling several industrial application areas.

Application Areas:

  • Lime stone powder
  • Grain
  • Cement
  • De-oiled cakes
  • Salt
  • Coal and other such material

Welded Wire Mesh


Crimp Wire Mesh




Vibrating Screen


Crusher Screen


Barbed Wire